Birgit Schweimler

• Since 2016 completely focused on painting.
• Trained art-therapist [A.K.T München] (2008-2012).
• Regularly painting at GFFKT e.V. (1995-2002).
• Painting and acting during and after studies.
• Graduated as Diplom Sozialpädagogin Fachbereich Sozialwesen (FH) from Otto-Friedrich-University in Bamberg with a focus on social management (1986-1992). Until 2016, leading positions in various social affairs organisations and departments.
• Born 1966 in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany. Grew up in Ulm, Germany.

About my paintings

My art consists of non-figurative abstract paintings.

At the core of my work lies my curiosity to explore complex interactions between various surface textures and chromatic layers. I create my paintings out of a deep necessity to execute images and forms already present in my mind’s eye. Upon completion, a painting may leave visual impressions that remind me of actual objects, places or situations. Many works got their title from these mental associations. Abstract art tends to stimulate the imagination of the viewer – the ultimate meaning depends on individual interpretations. Many viewers of my works also report that they have a desire to physically touch them. Apparently, the various thick layers and granular textures also invite towards a tactile, as well as a visual experience.

At first sight, my art may look „random“, but a closer look should make it obvious that it definitely isn’t. Often, I will have an abstract image in my mind beforehand, a clear vision of where the picture should evolve to.  Although I paint very intuitively, the execution of the work is carefully planned and constructed and I leave very little to chance. I already consider the desired colour-composition and future structure during the priming phase. Occasionally I may decide to re-explore an existing canvas and add entirely new layers if I find that painting has not “told its story”.

It is not my intention to create “pleasing” images, but I do tend towards aesthetic choices that I find appealing.

I predominantly use acrylic and oil paints, but also like to experiment with new materials and dye mixtures to explore fresh possibilities. My preferred support is wood and I predominantly paint and fill with my bare hands. I frequently incorporate materials from nature which many people bring back from their various travels. These include sand and soil etc.. I integrate these structures into my paintings or use them as a base for new pigments. Thus, every painting also gains a personal story.

I often find inspiration for my paintings in natural textures. Especially rocks, fossils, minerals, water and natural light often trigger ideas.  My images also frequently develop while listening to music, especially the soundscapes of my husband Serge Devadder. Both Serge’s tracks and my paintings share an “organic” development method. The particular depth of his music has been a source of inspiration since we first got together.

Birgit Schweimler – Dießen am Ammersee, 2021

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